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Nursery & Deposit Info

We Are Proud To Announce That One Of our past Yorkie Pups Has Been Featured In Cesar's Way Magazine April 2014 issue Congrats To Jill Perez in ga. & -Dash-  Please visit our facebook page at for more info on little dash!

I now require a copy of your drivers license to adopt one of our pups.  There is someone in GA. stealing my pictures & claiming they are dreamy pups.  we are located in kennesaw, ga 30152 & you will come to our home to meet our pups.  All of our pups come with a contract with my watermark on it & a health guarantee.      Please feel free to call me at 205-243-2801
WARNING! **Anyone caught stealing my pictures & info will be Prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!   


If you back out on adopting your puppy once deposit is made or decide you do not want a puppy. The Deposit is Non-Refundable due to the fact you are keeping others from putting a deposit & buying the pup.  
~**Note DREAMY PUPS has the right to KEEP back any puppy from litters that are bred & will ALWAYS have 1st pick if we decide to KEEP one of our puppies**

Chihuahua Pup for local pickup *deposit $350.00 if you require shipping $450.00
Yorkie Pup For Local Pickup *Deposit $550.00 if you require shipping $750.00
Biewer Pup for local pickup *Deposit $650.00 if you require shipping $800.00

Shipping is a EXTRA $350.00 added to purchase price with in the U.S. Alaska is EXTRA see shipping info below

Weight predictions are just that, Predictions. Color Coats Can Change Over Time

  we cannot guarantee any pup will reach a specific weight for certain, but we usually have a pretty good idea of how big or small they will be.   things change, puppies can "Stop growing" or hit a growth spurt and become bigger than we imagined. Pups can be born heavy and grow fast and come to a "complete Stop at 3 months.   We will be honest with you about how big we "THINK" your puppy will be. colors of pups can change over time.  if a deposit is received early we cannot guarantee the pup will stay that same color.   

**********Children & Families Coming To Visit Puppies. **********
We welcome every one to come out & meet the pups & the parents.  Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to hold puppies.  They can pet them but not hold them as they are very fragile & can easily wiggle out of there hands & fall to the floor.  Please advise your children not to pick the puppies up.  Also we ask that you please take your shoes off when coming into our home as shoes carry viruses from being outside.  We take every precaution to keeping our little fur babies safe & healthy.   We love families coming out to visit our dogs & puppies.  I am very busy being a stay at home mom with our son & all our of fur-kids & working from home so I can  only  allow 30 minute visits when coming to see our pups.      ~~PLEASE advise your children before they arrive~~  Thanks

I do not sell my pups to kennels!  In home small hobby breeders will have to be approved with a vet reference before I will consider.


♥Pups should be ready to go the week after Christmas♥ (1 pup left male
  going to live with fleiss family
Sable & gold female with white markings on belly.   Baby doll face Princess

  Going to live with Hilary & kevin in AL.
Black & Tan Female with white on her chest & feet.  She is going to be around  6 lbs. 

Tiny boy with white on his chest, feet & top of his head.  Charting to be around 3 to 3 & 1/2 lbs. at this time.   He has a tiny nose, short legs, thick coat & extreme baby doll face.
This will probably be our last merle litter as Diesel is now living with my friend Melissa.  Don't miss your chance to get one of these cuties ♥
Tiny Blue Brindle Female price listed is with ckc papers & dew claws removed only charting around 2 & 1/2  3 lbs.


Chocolate Merle Female price listed is with ckc papers & dew claws removed

      $1000.00Congrats to Anderson family fur kid no. 2

Tiny Male markings look to be brindle at the time will know if he is merle or brindle in a few days when markings come in more.


Biewer Yorkie Deposit.   Paypal fee is added 4 percent
Balance is due when you pick your pup up or 10 days before pup is shipped.


 Going to live in Chicopee, Ma with Kathy c.

Beautiful Biewer Yorkie girl with tan markings around her face, tiny ears & baby doll face.  Price listed is pet price. If you want IBC papers are additional $500
Stunning Markings on this little Biewer Boy w lots of white price listed is pet price.  IBC papers are additional $400 Charting to be around 4 to 4 & 1/2 lbs.

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Dog tickers
Prices start at $1800 & go up.

Upcoming Litter

♥reserve pick of the litter with a deposit♥
Prices Start at $2000.00 & go up.

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Dog tickers

Prices start at $1500 & go up ♥ Long Haired ♥ Reserve Pick of litter with deposit.

Striving to make your initial vet care friendly & stress free! Marietta Vet Clinic would like to offer the following to Dreamy Pups new puppy owners.

1. ) Free initial examination and consultation
2. )50 Percent off exam fees for the first year of life
3. ) Discounted vaccinations for life
$39 - Exam, Distemper/Parvovirus/Adenovirus vaccine Deworming
$39- Exam, Rabies Vaccine (add $10 for 3 years of vaccine)
$59 - Distemper/Parvovirus/Adenovirus vaccine Rabies vaccine (add $10 for 3 year vaccine Deworming.)

Julian Peckich, DVM
Located At:
3696 Largent Way #400
Marietta, GA 30064


Prior to receiving your new Puppy we recommend having these items for your puppy:


1. Royal Canin   Puppy Chihuahua or Yorkie Puppy food dry & 1 Can to mix in if needed.
2. A tube of Nutri Cal supplement.  Give at night time.  
3. Karo Syrup you get at the grocery store.  Add 2 drops a day in with your pups water.
4. An appointment with a veterinarian to have a well  Puppy check within 48 hours after receiving your Puppy. (Best if you call ahead a few days to schedule the appointment to ensure the Puppy will be checked within 48 hours of arriving at their new home).

Important information about transport stress.  Sometimes transport stress can trigger conditions such as Coccidia and Giarida regardless if being transported by airplane or automobile. Such conditions can be treated with simple medications like Albon, Flaygl and Sulfatrim.  A follow up with your vet within 48 hours can easily detect if any of these conditions exist.   Karo syrup helps keep blood sugar on tract in small pups.  Please make sure your new puppy eats & drinks plenty of water for the first few day.   Leave water out at all times for your new puppy.  A tube of Nutri Cal is invaluable if a puppy don't eat as well as he/she should.  We wean the puppies on Nutro Choice Small Breed Puppy Food in the pink bag as pictured above and if you want to switch to another food you need to do it slowly over a few days to a weeks time. We mix water in with there food until they are 9 weeks of age.  Other good quality foods include;
Blue Buffalo,  & Wellness 

~Pet Insurance~
I recommend everyone to check Healthy Paws Pet Insurance it is peace of mind if your dog/puppy falls & breaks a leg or gets sick.  It is VERY inexpensive.


We Are Licensed & Inspected By Georgia Department Of Agriculture.







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